Triangle change purse


It is a translation from this Korean site for those who have seen the "100+ Free Zipper Pouch Patterns" post on The Sewing Loft (this is pattern #90). It is similar in technique to a much larger, waterproof shower bag pattern on the German-language blog LeileLou - check that one out if you're working with laminated fabrics or prefer a cleaner top seam finish (which would be difficult if not impossible at the scale of the coin purse).

For general hand-holding WRT zippers, try this free Craftsy class.

For the triangle change pocket you need:

1. Lining 20x12cm

2. interfacing 20x12cm
4. Zipper 10cm
5. 35cm twill tape
6. label
7. Wood Button

1. Affix interfacing to fabric, sew the zipper to the short sides

2. Close zipper, turn inside out, stitch bottom. Box corners @ 4cm

3. Turned to the front, bottom sewn:
Sew top shut from right side

4. Apply top edging, sew on loop of tape and wood button as a handle.

Triangle change pocket completed!


Nest Pillow Cover

This started about two months ago as a need to play and a desire to try out improv piecing in response to frustrations with exacting blocks. The pattern that is emerging is of planned, larger projects with clear intentions that get derailed by the boredom of repetition and longer time-line to fruition, interspersed by fast, fun, organic stuff that is in fact more satisfying.


Mug Rug Madness

I've been busy this week. The house is filthy, and there was one emergency take-out dinner. Toddlers were left to play alone as long as there was not crying or bashing. Now it's done, and I am glad, but it was great while it lasted.


Disappearing Hourglass

It's funny to me that my first post after such a long hiatus would carry such an appropriate title; I'm recording a quilt block pattern for myself, but the name of it coincidentally reflects the passed time since I last wrote in this space.


Obey Your Mother

Dr. Masterjohn just put me out of blogging business with this post about the different justifications for the ancestral health dietary template and why they don't matter.

I'm sure I'll find other things to muse about but, until then, read that.

My approach is, in essence: eat only real food, make half your plate plants, include raw and cooked, fermented and seasonal, land and sea, muscles and organs, and all five tastes; and minimise sitting in front of a screen while maximising sunny walks and sleeping in quiet, cool darkness. Only if you have done that for 6 months and still have trouble should you start paleohacking, GAPSing or otherwise "tweaking". And no, 10 "extra" pounds do not count as trouble.

See? So much time, so many blogs encompassing so many arguments, and I'm done in under 50 words.

Want more? If you think your sunny walks are dialled in, check out my new fave lady, Katy Bowman, and her exceptionally qualified views on natural movement and alignment, especially of the pelvis. She'll get you walking like a human. And it will probably hurt. You're welcome.


Almond Tea Cookies

On my Facebook page recently I mentioned that I'm not much of a cookie person, though forces of the universe may conspire occasionally to convince me otherwise. Forces such as Sesame Street. And Pinterest.

So when the stars finally aligned for a moved-far-away friend and her chicklets to come and visit, I figured a little bite-sized treat snack was in order. Because I've been deluding myself about my tolerance for white foods like flour and sugar and need to get back to real stuff, and because there's no sense in training a child's palate to fake stuff when real is delicious, I went looking for a grain-free cookie recipe.

I found inspiration recipes at The Urban Poser and L.MichelleK. Sitting in my pyjamas with the baby sleeping is not the best time to run out and get groceries to fill in gaps in said recipes, but it is a great time to look up substitution guidelines and get busy.

The result is a light yet buttery jam sandwich cookie that isn't perfect paleo but is just right to go with a cup of tea for afternoon snack.


Ta-ta telephone

I'm going to whip one out - a post, that is, not a boob (at least not for another 45 minutes or so) - to address something I heard recently that's been driving me batty. A honest, earnest young woman of my acquaintance was told by her teacher that breast feeding was bad for babies after the first few weeks.

Do you get why I'm seething?